Creating a Simple Computer Networks uhooi computer network installation and maintenance: Creating a Simple Computer Networks
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Creating a Simple Computer Networks

Uhooi ...!
Today I will be a little share to make a simple computer network using UTP cable. For this century, perhaps the way this has been rarely used. But it never hurts us to remember him.


Uhooi ... we prepare first equipment and supplies that will be used.
- Cable UTP
- Crimping Peel
- RJ 45
- LAN Card
- HUB (8 port, 16 port, and so on)
- Personal Computer
- Warm Coffee ... Hehehehe ...!
Next make a UTP cable connection between computer and hub using UTP cable arrangement type "Straight".

Cut the UTP cable using a crimping pliers, then peel the wrapping approximately 1.5 inch from the tip that have been cut. Straighten the cable and align it, then cut straight cable.

The next step input into the RJ 45 cable as a connector to a computer or hub, tighten using crimping pliers. Do well on the other end of the cable. For the 3 units of Personal Computers (PCs), we must make a connecting cable 3 pcs (2 pcs for 2 PC to HUB, 1 pcs for the HUB to a main PC). 

Ok ...! now we already have a connecting cable. Then we connect the wire cable into HUB and our PC. Next we set the computer IP address as a means of connecting.

- Start
- Control Panel
- Network and Internet Connections
- Network Connections

 If the existing Local Area Connections, right click then select properties. Next select the IP (Internet Protocol) click properties. Fill in the appropriate image. We finished making the IP on the main computer.

Then we move on to another computer (Client), same as above and the defaut gateway is added to the main computer's IP address.

Uhooi ...! Completed and it is time to test it.

OOP's ...! how to install and setup computer networks are now very diverse and more easily. Cables like this are a lot of forgotten and abandoned. Uhooi ... hopefully useful.


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